Moving Mobile Homes in Texas: What’s the Oldest Eligible for Relocation?

Moving a mobile home in Texas involves various regulations and considerations, including the age of the structure. Let’s delve into the specifics to understand the limitations and possibilities surrounding the relocation of older mobile homes within the state.

Moving Mobile Homes in Texas
Moving Mobile Homes in Texas

Regulations and Age Considerations

State Regulations

Texas regulations governing the transportation of mobile homes prioritize road safety and structural soundness, emphasizing compliance with state standards. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Texas might establish age-related criteria, ensuring that mobile homes transported on state roads meet specified safety and quality standards, contributing to road safety and efficient transportation.

Age Limits

While Texas doesn’t have a specific statewide restriction based on age, local jurisdictions might enforce regulations determining the oldest mobile homes eligible for relocation. Some counties or municipalities may have ordinances specifying the acceptable age limit for moving a mobile home within their jurisdiction.

Factors Influencing Relocation Eligibility

Structural Condition

For mobile homes, structural stability is paramount when considering their eligibility for relocation. A well-maintained manufactured home with robust structural integrity stands a higher chance of meeting relocation criteria, showcasing its ability to withstand transportation stresses irrespective of its age, ensuring a smoother and safer moving process within Texas.


Roadworthiness and safety compliance are pivotal factors determining the mobility of older mobile homes in Texas. Inspections become crucial for older units, as they might need to undergo assessments to guarantee adherence to modern safety standards, ensuring they’re fit for transportation on Texas roads and mitigating potential hazards associated with aging structures during relocation.

Consulting Local Authorities

County Zoning and Permitting Offices

Contacting local county offices helps clarify specific age restrictions or guidelines for moving mobile homes within their jurisdiction. These offices provide insights into local ordinances and permit requirements related to relocating older mobile homes.

Transport Company Guidelines

Transport companies in Texas might have their own age restrictions or guidelines for moving mobile homes. Engaging with these companies helps understand their policies regarding the relocation of older structures.

Texas Home Relocation Companies

When it comes to moving a mobile home within Texas, entrusting the job to professional relocation companies can make all the difference. These specialized services bring expertise, equipment, and logistical know-how to ensure a smooth and secure relocation process. We have listed a few companies for you here:

1. Texas Mobile Home Transport: Specializes in transporting mobile homes within Texas, offering professional relocation services.

Transport companies in Texas
Transport companies in Texas

2. All Texas Home Movers: Provides relocation services for various types of homes, including mobile homes, across the state.

3. Texas Mobile Home Transporting: Offers transportation solutions specifically tailored for mobile homes, ensuring safe and efficient moves.

4. Lone Star Mobile Home Movers: Focuses on relocating manufactured homes within Texas, providing expertise in transportation and setup.

5. Texas Home Transport & Setup: Offers relocation services for mobile homes, ensuring proper transport and installation at the destination.

Please note that contacting these companies directly or checking their websites can provide detailed information about their services, coverage areas, and specific expertise in home relocation within Texas.

Navigating the relocation of older mobile homes in Texas involves understanding both statewide regulations and local jurisdictional rules. Confirming structural integrity, consulting local authorities, and being aware of transport company guidelines are essential steps to ensure compliance and a smooth relocation process within the Lone Star State.

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