Who is Responsible for Taxes on the Mobile Home if it is in a Mobile Home Park in Texas

Living in a mobile home park in Texas can offer affordability and convenience, but it also raises questions about taxation. As a mobile home park resident, it’s crucial to understand the tax responsibilities and obligations, both for the park owner and yourself. In this guide, we’ll explore the taxation of mobile homes within parks in Texas, shedding light on who bears the tax burden and how it impacts residents.

It's Crucial to Understand the Tax Responsibilities and Obligations
It’s Crucial to Understand the Tax Responsibilities and Obligations

Understanding Mobile Home Park Taxes in Texas

Mobile home park taxes in Texas are a combination of real property taxes and personal property taxes. The way these taxes are handled can vary, but here are the key aspects to consider:

Real Property Taxes

Real property taxes in Texas are typically the responsibility of the manufactured home park owner. These taxes apply to the land and any permanent structures on it, such as common facilities, office buildings, and utility infrastructure. Park owners pay these taxes to the county where the mobile home park is located.

As a resident, you do not directly pay real property taxes on the land your mobile home occupies within the park. Instead, your monthly rent or lease payment to the park owner may include a portion allocated for the park’s property taxes.

Personal Property Taxes

Personal property taxes in Texas pertain to the manufactured home itself, as it is considered personal property rather than real estate when located in a park. Park residents are responsible for paying personal property taxes on their mobile homes.

Tax Information


The assessment of your mobile home’s value for personal property tax purposes is a critical step in the taxation process. This evaluation is typically based on factors such as the manufactured home’s age, condition, size, and any improvements or additions made to it, and it ultimately serves as the basis for calculating the specific tax amount you are required to pay to your local county tax assessor’s office.


Residents should proactively file the required tax forms with their local county tax office to ensure compliance with personal property tax regulations. It’s important to note that park owners typically do not play a direct role in collecting these taxes; instead, residents have the individual responsibility to submit the necessary paperwork and payments to their respective county tax authorities, allowing for accurate and timely tax assessment and collection.


Texas provides valuable exemptions and deductions that can significantly reduce the tax burden for mobile home owners. For instance, the Over-65 exemption offers financial relief to senior citizens, making it essential for eligible residents to explore these options to lower their overall tax liability. By taking advantage of these exemptions and deductions, manufactured home owners can potentially save on their personal property taxes and better manage their finances while enjoying the benefits of mobile home living in Texas.

Texas Provides Valuable Exemptions and Deductions that Can Significantly Reduce the Tax Burden
Texas Provides Valuable Exemptions and Deductions that Can Significantly Reduce the Tax Burden

Park Rules and Agreements

Reviewing your mobile home park’s rules and lease agreements is a crucial step in understanding your tax responsibilities. These documents may contain important details about how taxes are assessed and allocated, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding financial obligations between residents and park owners. 

Discussing any tax-related clauses or provisions with the park owner or management can help resolve any uncertainties and ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding taxation within the mobile home park.

Understanding tax distinctions is crucial to avoid any financial surprises and ensure compliance with local tax regulations. It’s advisable to consult with your county tax office for specific information regarding personal property tax assessments and payments related to your manufactured home within a Texas mobile home park.

By staying informed and addressing tax obligations diligently, you can enjoy the benefits of mobile home park living in Texas with a clear understanding of your tax responsibilities.

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